OneSurv Tools

  • See it Sort it icon

    This tool captures the reporting of hazards, near misses and close calls.

    This allows remote workers to ‘see it’ and generate a report any time, any place, anywhere! You can also take any photos at the time of the report. The app also encourages the user to remove the hazard and ‘sort it’ if possible.

    Nominated contacts will receive a notification that a report has been generated and whether this is open or closed out. If further action is required the app will track the close out of the hazard.

    Trend analysis and reports are available, and can be automatically generated weekly, monthly or annually.

    At any moment in time you will have 100% transparency on the number of reports generated, those closed out or active, and what the main trends are.

  • Take Ten icon

    ‘Take Ten’ is a tool to help you identify and manage changes to the planned safe system of work.

    Just like a ‘dynamic’ risk assessment, the tool supports the user to identify unplanned hazards and risks at any time during the work activity. You can even schedule a reminder to ‘Take Ten’.

    The tool can be completed collectively by a whole team or individually so long as the team supervisor is aware and the circumstances mean it is safe to do so.

    If there are significant hazards or risks there is an option to escalate concerns to supervisors and management.

    Take Ten supports everyone to stop and think about safety, putting their own and their colleagues safety before all else.

  • Checkit Icon

    Daily plant and equipment checks can be recorded on the ‘Checkit’ tool.

    There is no longer a need to rely on paper-based tick box records; real time information and defect tracking is available for all plant and equipment.

    If there are defects noted during the inspection these are notified immediately to a nominated supervisor or manager for further action. The supervisor or manager can then track the action to make sure the plant or equipment is fit for use, and share progress with the user.

    There are also standard inspection checklists built-in to the app to help the user carry out an appropriate level of daily check prior to use – supporting better quality daily checks.

  • Engage icon

    Safety tours provide an opportunity for management to demonstrate visible commitment to health and safety, and to spend time engaging with the workforce.

    The ‘Engage’ tool prompts the user to spend time engaging with the workforce, as well as providing a means to record the conversations, any feedback and actions raised. Once completed the user can send the report directly to the site.

    Copies of all safety tour reports are available at any time via the website portal. Monthly and annual reports are automatically generated – everyone has visibility of the tours that are planned and those that have been carried out.

    One of the additional benefits of the ‘Engage’ tool is that it provides the user with a calendar reminder of when the safety tour is due to be carried out.

  • Perform icon

    Monitoring supplier performance is important to manage potential risk to your business.

    ‘Perform’ is a tool that prompts regular feedback on a supplier using a standard set of performance criteria that includes health, safety, environment and quality management.  Where there are significant concerns raised, these are notified immediately to management for review and action.

    Trend analysis and reports are available for each supplier, each project as well as the whole company, and can be automatically generated monthly or annually.

    The ‘Perform’ tool allows management to track the performance of suppliers across multiple sites; at the push of a button.